Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A rainy day in pictures

My second purchase after arriving in the Philippines was a bright yellow umbrella. Like many Filipina women, most of the time I use it as a parasol to shade myself from the hot hot sun.

Today, the umbrella was put to its intended use. As you'll see from the pictures below, trying to stay dry with nothing but an umbrella in such rains is akin to plugging a crack in a dam with a pebble. These pictures were taken in the higher parts of Quezon City and don't quite capture the intensity of the rains.

Young boys embrace the rain at Philcoa (the Philippines Coconut Authority, aka the centre of the universe)
Engine-powered tricycle drivers waiting for customers

Human-powered tricycle drivers wait for passengers
Motorcycle drivers cheerfully wait out the downpour under the overpass
Business is brisk for this umbrella vendor
Jeepneys and buses are reluctant amphibious vehicles

A crowd gathers at the mall entrance waiting for the rains to let up

* * *
My first purchase was a mobile phone.

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