Monday, November 15, 2010

Bicycle benefits in Tacloban

Tied to the fence outside Tacloban's City Hall is a sign. It captures the small town, laid-back, joie-de-vivre atmosphere of Leyte's capital city. It made me stop, grin, take out my notebook and jot down some notes. My camera batteries had died and so, unfortunately, there's no picture to accompany this post.

*     *     *
Picture a one square meter sign. White background. Logos of the City of Tacoblan and the One Way Bike Club up top. A goofy-looking cartoon cyclist sporting lycra shorts, a striped tee and helmet sits atop a bicycle. Text written in black comic sans ms font surrounds the picture, labeling the various parts like an anatomy diagram. The text reads (copied verbatim from the sign):

  • Gives you legs of steel 
  • Zero emissions
  • Slows down global warming
  • Whizzes past traffic jam
  • No need to pay for gas, parking fees or auto insurance ... hurray 
  • Quiet as a mouse
  • Faster and easier than walking
  • It feels like flying
  • It carries your goodies home [pointing to the basket]
  • Put a big fat smile on your face
  • Shapes up that bootie
  • The Earth sends a lil extra luv to those on bicycles (this is scientifically documented)
*     *     *
I hope this short description evokes a smile from all cycling enthusiasts reading this post, and perhaps a small twinge of excitement for next spring's biking season.

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